"As a former Clinical Implementation Manager for TriZetto’s medical management software products, I tend to have a critical eye when it comes to the functionality and ease of use of software programs. I was very impressed with the overall functionality of the Utilization Review and Case Management modules (of VCMS). It is highly evident the modules were designed by experienced managed care professionals who understand the comprehensive nature of multi-client requirements and have successfully translated them into streamlined workflow processes."

Anita Vitale-Geisz, RN


In creating VCMS, we capitalized on our experience to identify the core elements of the work flow and documentation requirements of utilization review and case management. We translated those needs into an intuitive and easy-to-use web-based mobile software solution that allows team members to provide appropriate and timely care, while administrators focus on business goals and objectives. The reporting functionality built into VCMS enables you to collect and analyze data for identifying program needs and validating business decisions to customers and team members.


VCMS is an all-in-one case management software and utilization review software solution that enables you to manage the complete utilization review and case management life-cycle while tightly integrating with third party stakeholders.  With VCMS you can expect to:

  • Realize greater efficiency and productivity from your utilization review and case management team.

  • Standardize workflows to meet business objectives in delivering a consistent level of service to your customers.​

  • Respond to regulatory changes quickly to remain compliant and stay ahead of your competitors.


Workers Compensation Case Managment Software

Specifically engineered for the workers' compensation industry.  Keep track of notes, documents, tasks, bills, reports, invoices and transmit information to your claims management systems in real time.  Never lose track of your case management cases. 

Utilization Review Software Modules

Use the utilization review software module as a stand alone component or as part of your case management services. Both utilization review and case management modules are included on the same VCMS platform.  No need to log in or out of different systems.   


HIPAA and SOC3 compliant solution with 99.9995% uptime


Robust client tool that helps you run standardized reports that gives you real-time access to the state of your utilization and case management programs.

Billing and invoicing

Capture billing entries and invoice for services directly from VCMS or easily export your bills to your accounting software.  Customizable set of rules that help standardize the billing process.


Keep track of your case management notes with spellchecking and snippets to facilitate data entry 

Fully integrated fax and email

Email and fax all pertinent communication to contact list.  Keep a history of all emails/faxes for a specific patient.  

Create letters and case status reports

Easily create template letters and status reports with customizable header and footer options. Once created, email the letters straight from VCMS, which automatically documents and stores the letter

Built-in compliance controls

VCMS automatically calculates and prioritizes utilization review timeframes based on review type, and sets alerts so decisions are on time 100% of the time. Our software system captures and maintains a history of communication regarding each review to document compliance

Calendar with flexible options

Schedule daily, weekly, and monthly activities and receive built-in reminders that “tickle” you when actions are due. View, edit, delete, and log completed tasks. Share calendars with designated users to facilitate collaboration.


Easily document, link, and bill for incoming and/or outgoing phone calls related to utilization review and case management activities without opening individual charts.  

Store and retrieve medical records

Maintain all incoming and outgoing claims and medical correspondence in one location. Easily search and retrieve PDF, Word, Excel, audio files, imaging files to expedite decision-making.


Build links to several systems including claims, bill review, utilization review , insurance carriers and billing to name a few 

Auto approval

Fully adminsterable auto-approval rules can be set globally or customer-specific. 

Cost savings

Quantify and maintain a history of disability and medical savings to demonstrate the effectiveness of your medical management program

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