All-in-One Worker's Compensation Software Solution

When you work with cases involving workers’ compensation, you need a system that can provide you with an easy workflow for inputting and sharing documentation. Your workers’ compensation software needs to give you access to everything you need for managing your workers compensation case in one place. Without a system that keeps team members on the same page, a number of things can go wrong. Documents can easily get lost, important notations may not make it to the necessary people, productivity can lag, and more. All of these mistakes can lead to unnecessary business costs.

I saw the need for an effective and efficient system and worked hard to provide the answer. With a team of IT professionals and healthcare professionals, VCMS was born. This workers’ compensation software lets you set up workflows that work with business goals as well as the workers’ compensation industry. As your team will be following the same workflows, you can expect a more consistent level of service and more overall productivity.

When managing your workers’ compensation case, there is a lot of information to keep up with. ATS recognizes this and makes it much easier to complete. You can easily keep the necessary documents, case notes, billing and invoices, tasks that you need to complete, and more in one place. You can store and retrieve any medical records, export information into other software programs for billing and accounting, and easily fax or email information to others on your contact list. With VCMS, businesses can collect the data necessary to identify cost-cutting measures, program needs, and challenges their team may be facing. Overall, this workers’ compensation software fills a need that many healthcare teams have.

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